Adding a Podcast to Your Account

In order to gather reviews for your podcast you're going to need to make sure your podcast is added to our system. The steps are simple and outlined below.

Please note that if you are on a Solo plan - you will only be able to add a single podcast, Broadcast plans can add multiple podcasts.

Click "My Podcasts"

After logging in to GetPodReviews - click the "My Podcasts" link in the main navigation.

If you've never added a podcast to our system - you'll also see a green 'Add My Podcast' button on your dashboard. You can also click that to get started.

My Podcasts screenshot

Find Your Podcast

In the search widget that appears, start typing the name of your podcast. We'll help you by autocompleting your search against the Apple Podcast database

Find Podcast screenshot

Select Your Podcast

Click the select button next to your podcast to choose it and confirm it in the next step

Choose Podcast screenshot

Confirm your GetPodReviews URL

We will auto generate a friendly URL for your podcast's page - if you'd like to change it / edit it slightly you may

Choose URL screenshot

Add Your Podcast

Click 'Add Podcast' to add the podcast to our system. We'll redirect you to that podcast's settings page so you can adjust those as you'd like. In the background - we'll go out and automatically start fetching reviews for your newly added podcast!

Confirm Add screenshot

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