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Share a single link during episodes and on social media where your listeners can easily leave your podcast a review.

GetPodReviews is the best podcast review collection, management and sharing tool

How GetPodReviews Works

GetPodReviews makes it easy to get and track reviews and ratings for your podcast from Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, and PodcastAddict

Step 1

Create your GetPodReviews Link

Sign up, add your podcast and you'll be given a unique, easy to read memorable link for your podcast

Step 2

Share your GetPodReviews Link

Take a few seconds at the beginning or end of each episode to share your GetPodReviews link with your listeners - don't forget to share it via your social media accounts as well!

Step 3

Track and analyze your reviews

We'll monitor Apple Podcasts (in 28 countries), Podchaser, and PodcastAddict to collect all your reviews in our app. Use our app to track and monitor how well listeners enjoy your podcast

Manage your podcast reviews
- all in one place

We provide everything you need to collect and monitor reviews
from Apple Podcasts (in 28 countries), Podchaser, and PodcastAddict

Get a unique link for your podcast that directs visitors to leave a review in their favorite podcast platform

Get a unique link for your podcast that directs visitors to leave a review in their favorite podcast platform Screenshot


Our Solo plan is best for individual podcasters - if you're a marketer or run multiple podcasts, we'd recommend our Broadcast plan

What's included

  • 1 Podcast
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Review Tracking/Analytics


$25 /mo

Subscribe to Broadcast

What's included

  • 10 Podcasts
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Review Tracking/Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your answer here? Reach out to our team and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have

I have a link - now what?
We recommend asking your users to leave a review at the beginning and/or end of your episodes - something like the following: "Hi listeners! - if you're enjoying the podcast, make sure to visit to support the podcast by leaving a review"
Can I have more than 10 podcasts?
We can probably work something out. Get in touch with our support team using the 'Contact' link on our site and we can help you get setup.
Can I share my link on social media?
Of course! We highly recommend it! The more traffic you drive to your GetPodReviews link - the more potential you have to get more reviews.
Are you a podcast hosting service?
No - we don't host your podcast or any of your podcast's files. We aggregate reviews for your podcast from various sources and provide you with a simply landing page to prompt your listeners to leave more reviews.
Can I control what networks are seen on different devices?
Sure you can! - When you log into your account - click the the 'Settings' tab for the podcast you want to manage. You'll be able to choose what networks show on which device - for example: you may want to hide Apple Podcast links from Android devices - or hide PodcastAddict (an Android) app - from Apple devices. By default however - we will show all networks - on all devices.
Where do you get podcast reviews from?
Currently - we get reviews from all 28 Apple Podcast storefronts (yep - we said 28) as well as Podchaser and PodcastAddict. We will expand to other networks in the future as they develop

Ready to get more reviews for your podcast?Collect, track and monitor your podcast's reviews using GetPodReviews