A walkthrough of the reviews screen at GetPodReviews

Video Transcript

Let's take a look at the review screen inside of GetPodReviews.

When you first log in, you're taken to this screen where you can see all of your reviews.

By default, they're sorted by when they were published. So you see here, this review was published two days ago and on day on down these were published earlier in the month.

Now reviews are able to be filtered. On the right hand side here, you see our different filters.

For example, if I only wanted to look at one star reviews, I can check that box and hit the filter button.

This box at the top of the screen here will show me what filters I have applied to see the reviews below.

Now I can com clear filters by just unchecking the filter or clicking the reset filters button.

I can view reviews by platform only. So for example, if I wanted to see the two reviews here that came from Pod Chaser, I could check that and filter it.

Now you can also filter by country. So maybe I wanna see the one review that came in from Denmark. I can filter that. Great!

Now maybe I want to combine some filters. and I want to say four star reviews from the United States filter. Great! I found 21 reviews out of 626 that are four star from the United States

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